Capital: Albion
Population: 2,000,000
Government: Feudal monarchy
Ruler: King Uther VII
Imports: Fabric dyes, spices
Exports: Grains, horses, leather, lumber, steel

Alaria (ah lahr ee yuh) is cut-off from the rest of the New World by its sea of rolling grasslands to the west and from the Old World by the mighty Favteth. Alaria is known for the rugged independence of its people, descended from the original members of the Exodus.

Alarians are at home in the woods. Alaria was once known as Sylvamere or “Sea of Wood”. Although centuries of logging have taken their toll, the Alarian forests are still home to the straightest and tallest yews in the world, a wood particularly prized by bowyers. With such quality bows available, Alarian archers have become celebrated throughout the world for their skill.

The noble houses of Alaria rule feudal holdings of duchies, which are in turn comprised of earldoms, themselves formed by counties.

Alarians achieve majority in their sixteenth year. The bulk of the population farms the feudal holdings of the nobility. Most landowners treat the commoners working their lands well, as the priests of Plurach advise them.

All men are expected to participate in the Alarian army, which is periodically mobilized to suppress bandits and quell unrest. To assist in this effort, most towns organize archery competitions.

Dress is usually of natural colors as dyes are not common in Alaria and generally consist of a tunic and breeches. Only the wealthy can afford dyes.

The Favteth separates most of Alaria from most of the world to the southeast, in conjunction with the endless plains to the west. In many respects, it’s a veritable island adrift in a sea of wilderness. Indeed, caravans traveling across Alaria are commonly described in nautical terms.

The walled capital of Albion is a bustling hub of commerce. It is also home of the Trade Guild, the body responsible for ensuring standards of trade: currency exchange, weights, letters of credit and the like. The Trade Guild maintains a presence in most areas, often as a wing of a temple of Plurach.

The frontier settlement of Freehold is presently the single most popular small settlement in the New World, thanks to the exploits of her two sons, Guy and Tellar Brightblade. The Brightblade brothers are the pre-eminent adventurers of the day, whose exploits are often repeated by bards.


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